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As the cost health care services continue to rise in the United States, so does the cost of providing health care coverage. This can be seen in Anthem increasing base premiums for some of its Individual business under-65 plans in Virginia. The base premiums for a Plan like the Lumenos HSA standard increased by 15% while the Keycare Preferred base premium rose 13.5% and the Virginia Standard base premium rose 11%. Factors like any applicable age increase, moving to an area with higher or lower medical costs, changing the number of family members enrolled in a policy, or adding or deleting optional coverage may also affect premiums for customers. Members are required by law to be notified in writing of the increases in premiums, and are advised to to call their agent or Anthem Sales Representative if they have any questions. Anthem offers advice to its customers, some of which includes raising their deductible. They also state they offer other lower-cost plans as alternatives.

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