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Senator Schumer’s “Give People Breathing Room – Burden belongs on insurance companies, not middle class families” reflects remarkable naivete or disingenuity. Insurance companies merely pass health costs to their insured members – but it is advantageous for these companies to do so as fairly as possible. If a beneficiary decides he or she cannot afford the cost of a premium and drops out of the market, it is the health insurance company that thoses, as there are less participants to share the cost. Yes, they make 3% profits but that is not what causes double digit premium increases each year. The Senator’s home state of New York is a showcase for the most broken individual and family health insurance market in the nation, where all major insurance companies exited the market years ago. If Mr. Schumer woudl tackle some of the real reason why health insurance is so expensive today, like premium taxes, massive mandated benefits, unpaid bills from Medicare and Medicaid, graduate medicare education taxes, monopolistic hospital costs and out of control medicare malpractice, New York and other states would have a more affordable market. Instead, Mr. Schumer supports a plan that adds hundres of billions of taxes to the insurance industry (read: taxpayers), does nothing to address increasing costs, and has the audacity to say the burden of affordability is on insurance companies!

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