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Approximately 75% of Americans wear some type of vision correction.  Blurring of our vision is mostly genetic and out of our control.  It occurs when light enters your eye and is focused to a point around the retina, instead of directly to the retina.  When and if you need vision correction (although not everyone will), glasses and contacts have been designed to fix this condition.  Once diagnosed, the question is glasses or contacts? For some, the decision is quite obvious depending on their lifestyle; but for others, the decision may be more difficult.

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Glasses or Contacts?

Many Americans find that glasses are a more appropriate choice for their lifestyle, while others find them more inconvenient.  On the down side, many find glasses to be a bit of an annoyance.  The frames can obstruct your vision and the lenses do not cover your peripheral vision.  The distance from the lens to your eye may distort your perception, too.  Also, you have to take your glasses on and off throughout the day when necessary, which can be irritation for some people.  And the more you have to touch your glasses for adjustments, the more you’re going to have to clean them off.  They also require cleaning or wiping according to the weather (wiping off rain drops) and sudden temperature changes.

On the plus side, many people love their glasses.  They enjoy being able to take their glasses on and off as they please and not worry about falling asleep while wearing contacts.  When you wake up in the morning, your glasses can be immediately available, instead of stumbling to the bathroom for your contacts.  Also, you don’t have to be anal about cleaning your glasses daily to prevent the risk of infection.  Importantly, a pair of glasses could last you a lifetime! This makes them a more affordable option over contacts and not to mention they can be quite stylish.

Although there are millions of glasses wearers in the US, many people are aficionados to their contacts.  12% of those who need vision correction wear contacts; more women wear them than men.  Contacts are popular because they are suitable for any type of lifestyle.  Even those who don’t need vision may choose to wear colored contacts to make a fashion statement.  Since they’re directly on your eye, there is no vision distortion or obstructions.  Contrary to popular belief, contacts do not make your vision worse more quickly than glasses.  However, people find that the maintenance of contacts is not worth the convenience.  They can be dry and uncomfortable.  Contact wearers risk the possibility of a bacterial infection as well as a contact tear and damage to the eye.  Those who wear contacts must be very cautious because your eyes are delicate organs.

The decision between glasses and contacts can be simple – get both! Many people choose to wear both since both options are relatively affordable.  With both glasses and contacts, you have flexibility to wear either whenever you would like.  Or if you’re really courageous, Lasik is now an option.  During this procedure a laser is used to correct your vision so you will no longer need glasses or contacts.  In the end, we all make the decision that best suits our need and lifestyle.

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