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In the article published last Thursday in the Fairfield Minuteman,”Dodd Says Health Care Plan Will Benefit the State,” Senator Dodd highlights three points from the recently passed bill:  (1) the state’s ability to move people from SAGA to Medicaid more quickly, (2) a year of higher payments for Connecticut hospitals and (3) a possible $100M grant for a new U. of CT hospital. Really? In an $871 billion bill that’s the benefit?! Dodd ignores the key provisions. For instance, the bill adds $398 billion in new taxes on insurers (read: policyholders), medicare device and pharmaceutical companies (patients), and upper income taxpayers; the bill guts 25% of Connecticut seniors’ Medicare Advantage plans; and the bill taxes corporations that provide retiree drug coverage. The list of new taxes goes on and on, so far in fact they even tax tanning salons!

The original premise of health care reform was to reduce the spiraling costs of health care and reduce the number of uninsured. Unfortunately the senate bill does nothing to address cost increases, but instead accelerates the insolvency of Medicare and Medicaid, while creating a massive regulatory and tax behemoth that no senator fully understands nor can explain to his constituency.

If Senator Dodd loses his upcoming reelection it will not be because he was the Senate Banking Chairman during the catastrophic Wall Street and banking failure. Or for his sweetheart mortgages obtained from Countrywide mortgage. Or for his stonewalling on his ten acre Ireland “cottage.” Dodd will lose because he cannot coherently explain the $871 billion health care bill that he called the “most important” of his senate career.

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