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Health Plan One offers the most competitive prices in the health insurance broker industry. They offer affordable prices to consumers from the most popular plans.

Plans include Aetna‘s Managed Choice Open Access 5000 in Connecticut, Anthem Blue Cross of CA’s SmartSense 2500 Deductible plan, and the UnitedHealthOne HSA 100 $2900 deductible plan in Pennsylvania. Other popular plans include the Humana Portrait Share 80 Plus RX Unlimited in Florida, the Aetna PPO 2500 in Ohio, and the CIGNA Open Access 5000 in Texas. Virginia’s top plans include Aetna’s PPO 2500, Anthem’s Essential KeyCare $2500, and Humana’s Autograph Share 80 Plus Rx. Washington’s top plans include Regence’s HSA Health Plan 2500, Lifewise’s WiseEssential 2500, and Group Health’s Balance 1500 Plan.

The above plans have monthly premiums that range from $62 for Virginia’s Anthem Essential KeyCare $2500 to $121 for Florida’s Aetna POS Open Access 5000. Other plans have premiums of $72 for Anthem Blue Cross of CA’s SmartSense 2500 Deductible Plan, $100 for CT’s Aetna Managed Care Open Access 5000, $63.60 for Ohio’s Anthem Lumenos HSA 5000 and $105 for Humana’s Autograph Share 80 Plus Rx in Texas. (All the plans monthly premiums have been calculated for a 25 year old female, non smoker)

Founded in 2005, Health Plan One is a licensed health insurance agency and a leading online health insurance market, offering the broadest selection of health plans to individuals, families and Medicare recipients.  Through its comprehensive Web sites, which include health plan comparison tools and extensive educational information, and its enhanced customer service model, individuals can purchase the best health plans to meet their health care coverage and affordability needs.  For more information, visit Health Plan One’s website.

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