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A press release from Humana out today introduces their new short term health insurance plan. HumanaOne wants to help people who have lost their jobs recently due to the economic downturn get health insurance, even if its temporarily. The Short Term Medical health insurance plan offer affordable, temporary insurance for people in the following situations:

–          Graduating college students

–          People in between jobs

–          Part time, temporary, or seasonal employees who are not offered employer-sponsored health plans

–          Retirees not yet eligible for Medicare

–          Unemployed individuals

–          And new employees waiting for their benefits to begin

HumanaOne’s Short Term Medical health insurance plans are available in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The plan is flexible offering different options depending on the individuals needs. Deductibles range from $500 to $5,000 for individuals and $1,000 to $10,000 for families. The plans have a $2 million maximum benefit and include prescription drug coverage for time periods between 30 days up to 6 months or a year.

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