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An Intracorp press release launched today introduces a workers’ compensation nurseline to provide information and assistance to employees and managers whenever an injury occurs on the job.

The goal of Intracorp and CIGNA’s workers compensation nurseline is to assist callers in evaluating symptoms and accessing appropriate care. This enable enhanced return to work outcomes and reduces workers compensation costs.

“When an injury happens at work, it’s not always clear what kind of medical attention an individual needs,” said Betsy Robinson, Vice President and Intracorp. “Out of caution, managers might send employees straight to an emergency room for evaluation. But depending on the circumstances, that may not be best option, and it’s among the most costly choices. Having access to the nurseline will allow the nurse to ask the caller a few questions about the individual’s symptoms and situation, then help the caller to decide upon the appropriate type of care or other available informational resources to access. It also helps to facilitate prompt and accurate reporting of workplace injuries (BusinessWire).”

Intracorp, a subsidiary of CIGNA Corporation, has specialized in workers’ compensation for more than 39 years. They help provider workers’ compensation and disability programs to enhance the productivity of their workforce. Together with CIGNA, a leader in the health insurance industry, Intracorp hopes to succeed in helping reduce costs while improving the work environment.

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