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A 2 year old boy visiting from Mexico was the first to die in the United States due to the outbreak of the swine flu. The toddler had flown to Matamoros, Mexico from Mexico City on April 3rd with his mother and siblings and proceeded to cross the border into Brownsville, Texas to visit an aunt. On April 8, the child came down with a fever and was confirmed to be suffering from the swine flu early last Wednesday and died this past Monday.

Many Texas schools were shut down this week due to the swine flu outbreak as well as several California state schools. There are officially 14 confirmed swine flu cases in California but no deaths. “While swine flu patients in California have had only mild to moderate illness, strong action is needed by every single one of us to limit the spread of the virus and minimize the impact on people’s health,” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said. The cases in California include 7 in San Diego County, 5 in Imperial County, 1 in Sacramento County, and 1 in San Bernardino County.

An interactive map on the Wall Street Journal website allows you to see the cases of swine flu around the world. In the United States alone, there have been over 90 cases including 51 in New York city with a majority affecting students and faculty of a school in Queens. Around the world there have been approximately 26 confirmed or suspected cases of swine flu in New Zealand, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, the U.K., Austria, and Israel. To view the interactive map, please visit the Wall Street Journal website.

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