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Many schools have been closing due to the outbreak of the swine flu in the past month. Many of the school closings have been happening in Queens, New York with a total of 30 closed schools. Parents have been flooding hospitals with their children when any flu like symptom pops up. Officials are trying to exercise caution by shutting down more and more schools.

Swine flu surfaced last month at a Queens school which had 69 confirmed cases. The virus has emerged again since then leading 24 schools to close this week alone. New York City has had approximately 201 confirmed cases since the outbreak of the virus with one confirmed death.

Due to the swine flu outbreak, there have been a 20% increase in emergency room visits by adults and a 50% increase by children. Mayor Bloomberg states that. “While there are an abnormal number of people going to the hospital, who are worried, virtually none, a very tiny percentage of them have any symptoms whatsoever.”

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