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Oxford New Jersey HMO members now have access to all the health benefits of the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network. These members will enjoy the same in-network benefits that they receive in the tri-state area which is great news for college students and travelers. Members who have employees outside the tri-state area will still need to purchase an Oxford USA plan for those employees.

Oxford USA is available to New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Lehigh Valley employers through the United Choice Plus Network. All of the Oxford USA health plans are of high quality, flexible, and streamlined. The Choice Plus plans provide one of the largest directly contracted physician and hospital networks in the United States. No referrals are necessary to see a specialist with an Oxford USA plan.

Oxford USA plans include service associates that stand ready to assist members by providing timely and accurate information and services. Their health promotion includes Healthy Mind Health Body magazine, Healthy Mother, Health Baby program, and access to their Self-Help Library, in order to help members be healthy and stay healthy.  Healthy BonusSM recognizes the beneficial impact of health and fitness therefore members are offered discounts on gym and exercise facility memberships.

For in-area members, access to over 70,000 physicians and 200 hospitals make it easy to find health care when needed. Out of area employees have access to the United Choice Plus Network which includes over 400,000 providers and 4,000 hospitals.

UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus plans give employees the opportunity to access non-network physicians. Benefits of the plan include access to a network of physicians, hospitals, and specialists without designating a primary physician or obtaining a referral. Emergencies are covered anywhere in the world. Prenatal care, routine checkups, immunizations, and vision and hearing screenings are all covered as well.

All New Jersey Oxford HMO members will have in-network access to the national UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network and health benefits, effective January 1, 2009.

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