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Senate and House bills were introduced yesterday that would ban insurance companies from keeping those with preexisting conditions from getting insurance. The bills will not allow insurance carriers to exclude patients based on preexisting conditions. It would also not allow disease-specific premiums or surcharges. The legislation is known as The Pre-existing Condition Patient Protection Act.

The bills are sponsored by Senator Jay Rockefeller of W. Virginia and Representative Joe Courtney of Connecticut. Congressional Democrats and President Barack Obama want to guarantee access to insurance for United States citizens including patients with preexisting conditions. Insurance companies exclude patients with chronic health conditions or other serious illness as well as even pregnancy in order to avoid paying for expensive medical care.

“This is a situation where the market is not going to solve the problem by itself,” Rockefeller said. “The insurance companies have always gotten away with what they can get away with.”

There are 25 million people who are underinsured and being denied health care by health insurance companies for having preexisting conditions. Over 133 million Americans have a bare minimum health plan along with a chronic condition.

The Pre-existing Condition Patient Protection Act can help insure those with preexisting conditions and chronic illnesses. This legislation is part of the plan to insure all Americans.

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