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Everyone knows that health coverage is in dire need of help. The government has proposed a public plan that Republicans believe may force private insurers out of business. Many believe that there is a middle ground that should aim to make health insurance more affordable without the addition of competition for private insurers.

Universal coverage is said to increase premiums for everyone since the large amount of uninsured people will begin to get coverage. Uninsured people raise the premiums by approximately 1.7%. Universal coverage will raise the premiums by a higher percentage but reforms that increase the number of people with health insurance may make that 1.7% even smaller.

Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute states, “There is no evidence that a dollar spent on universal coverage will save more lives than a dollar spent on clinics, or reducing medical errors, or nutrition, or fighting poverty, or even improving education.” This argument is to ensure that universal coverage, though it’s a good idea in theory, has an obligation to see that people who cannot afford insurance get access to good health care but there should be a better way. Young and healthy people will be forced to overpay under a universal coverage plan.

Another approach would be an easier way for people to buy their own health insurance. Any tax breaks given to employers can be applied to individual insurance policies. This relieves the anxiety of losing insurance when you leave a job and you can take your insurance wherever you go.

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