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The American population remains highly divided in its opinion of President Obama’s proposed health reform plans. A national telephone survey recently found that 50% of U.S. voters at least somewhat favor the Democratic health care reform proposed by Obama, whereas 45% are at least somewhat opposed. Interestingly enough, more people have stronger opinions that oppose the plan than favor it. Only 24% strongly favor the plan, while 34% are strongly opposed to it.

Obama’s plan includes a new government-run health insurance plan that would allow Americans to choose their own doctors, although the capability to do that may diminish or be totally eliminated in the future. The government plan Obama proposes would compete with private insurers as a method of keeping healthcare costs down. However, many people believe this could lead to the destruction of private insurance companies.

These recent statistics exemplify the uncertainty surrounding healthcare reform. In fact, just 12% of people believe health care coverage will improve if the plan is passes while 37% believe coverage will worsen and 37% expect their coverage to stay about the same. Many people are also questioning whether now the time for health care reform is now given America’s current economic status. Surveys show that 44% of Americans think Obama should wait on health care reform until the economy improves and only 43% say reform should happen now.

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