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Health insurance is becoming more and more expensive as well as scarce. People are losing their jobs as well as their health insurance and small businesses have been deciding to cut health care coverage totally. But with medical costs rising, health insurance is a necessity. Many people are beginning to look for jobs, are changing jobs, or waiting for their new jobs’ health insurance to check in. The best solution is short term health insurance which is better than no health insurance at all.

Short term health insurance is exactly what it says, short term. Policies can be purchased month to month for periods of 12 to 36 months. Though short term plans aren’t as comprehensive as individual health insurance plans and employer-sponsored health plans, they provide you with preventative measures at a cheap price.

Many short term health insurance plans are less than $100 a month and include coverage for services such as hospitalization, diagnosis, or emergency care. Short term health insurance plans don’t cover preventative care such as annual physicals, doctors’ visits, or prescriptions. Short term plans are used for the meantime while individuals are searching for more permanent plans.

Unfortunately individuals with preexisting conditions cannot get a short term health insurance policy because these policies are underwritten. Short term health insurance plans are generally for healthy individuals.

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