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The White House and other supporters of the Affordable Care Act, with a deadline on the way, are working hard to sign up young people to new health insurance plans offered as part of Obamacare. It’s a major initiative that emphasizes just how important younger individuals are to the success of the new law.

Those ranging in age from 18 to 34 are being targeted by volunteers on college campuses and other locations. This effort is apparently inspired partly by the innovative grassroots methods used by the Obama campaigns to track voters during both of the President’s election runs.

It seems that more than just about any other demographic group, participation from these younger individuals (often referred to as “young invincibles”) will be essential to the overall success of the newly adopted Affordable Care Act. For one thing, younger people tend to be healthier people, and it’s been roughly estimated that they will need to make up nearly 40 percent of Obamacare enrollment in order to balance out the relatively higher costs that will be incurred by insuring older, and often sicker people.

It is now less than two months until the deadline for application on March 31. The Obama administration has not reached its goal as of yet. Currently, young adults compose just about one quarter of the 2.2 million applicants who have enrolled in the exchanges through December (which is the last time the administration released official demographic data.) In mid-January, it was announced that 3 million people had signed up for insurance plans so far, but officials have not yet updated demographic details.

Those who oppose Obamacare have declared that young people would be the ones most likely to be discouraged by the technical problems that plagued the online application process at first. Critics also believe that young people will likely often choose to pay the penalty for not enrolling ($95, or 1 percent of income) as an alternative to paying even more for coverage.

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